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Our Menu of the month

With our ‘typical’ enthusiasm, Al Castello renews every day, passion for the simple, traditional and yet innovative. In the rich selection of dishes, the menu varies according to the availability and seasonality of ingredients to ensure freshness and authenticity.
Every month, our chef offers a special menu.

Goose Speck on a bed of Salad with Altamura Bread Croutons € 10.00
Burratina on a bed of Grilled Vegetables € 8.00
Flan with spring herbs on cheese fondue € 7.00

First Course
Homemade “Tagliolini” noodle with Roe deer sauce € 9.00
Cappellacci with Spring Herbs on cheese fondue flavored with saffron € 9.00
Risotto with “Sciopettin” -a Typical Spring Herbs (minimum 2 servings) € 9.00 per portion

Main course
Rabbit “in tecia”(pot) with the Day’s Contour and Polenta Bianco Perla € 13.00
Lamb chops with Polenta Biacno Perla € 12.00
Bites of venison with Polenta Bianco Perla and  Day’s Contour € 12.00

For a perfect food paring it is possible to add a special Typical wine selection
We suggest you to book in advance
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