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We are committed to offer our customers a rich gastronomic experience, up to the wonderful view of the Castle of Conegliano


Local Cheese selection
8 euro
Croutons of the Castle
4,5 euro
Appetizer of the house
12 euro
Mixed sliced ham
9 euro
with Local Cheese
Soppresa Trevigiana
6 euro

with polenta Bianco Perla

First course

Risotto with Prosecco Superiore DOCG
8 euro

Minimum 2 servings

Homemade Potato Gnocchi
8 euro

with ragu of Duck

Main course

Tagliata Roastbeef
14 euro

Minimum 2 servings

Grilled Beef Tenderloin
17 euro

with side dish

Tenderloin with green pepper
19 euro

with side dish

Sliced ​​Duck on a bed of Rucola
13 euro

with balsamic vinegar sauce and flakes of grana

La Castellana
11 euro
Filetto di Tartare
20 euro


Steak tartare
By reservation only

International specialties that our restaurant offers. A recipe that satisfies the taste and the view, because the recipe is prepared right at the table and you will appreciate all the processing stages! It is a fresh beef filet that is flavored with a mix of vegetables, spices, sauces and some other ingredients that … you will discover at the time. May be more or less spicy depending on what you ask, Sergio mixed the ingredients just in front of you. It is enjoyed on hot bread accompanied by butter curls. The result is a specialty that you will look forward to try again! But be careful: each Tartar is unique and unrepeatable, the next you will taste a bit ‘different from the previous one, but certainly just as good!

Risotto of the Season

Each season has its own specialty and our risotto welcomes seasonal changes becoming a different dish. In winter we offer risotto with radicchio from Treviso, in the spring risotto with wild herbs, in the autumn risotto with mushrooms and all year our famous risotto Prosecco DOCG!

Vicentina Cod

Here you can enjoy every day the famous Vicentina cod, typical specialties of our region that is served with white polenta racy.

Braised cheeks to Raboso

This tender and tasty part of the beef is cooked over low heat and flavored strong flavor of Raboso, served with white polenta. This is a dish that warms up the gray days of autumn and winter.


Soft cooked veal in prosecco and subsequently passed to the oven with a delicious layer of cheese, ham and local olives. Our reinterpretation of the Aosta Valley specialties with the products of our territory

Only course

Beef Cheeks Braised to Raboso
15 euro

with Polenta and Roast Potatoes and a choice of wine 1/4

Cod Vicentina
15 euro

Polenta and raw vegetables and a choice of wine 1/4

Polenta and Sopressa
14 euro

with grilled Montasio cheese and sautéed courgettes

Special Salad

Insalatona of the Castle
9 euro

Mixed Salad, Tuna, corn, mozzarella and 1/2 water

Insalatona Marinara
10 euro

Mixed salad, tuna, swordfish, shrimp and 1/2 water

Insalatona Monte Visentin
10 euro

Mixed salad, Mackerel Fillet “Due Pavoni” with Olive oil, Semidry Cherry Tomatoes, Taggiasca Olives and 1/2 Water


Tiramisu of the house
4 euro
Apple pie
4 euro

Homemade with whipped Cream

Homemade Strudel
4 euro

with whipped Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream Basket
4 euro

with Hot Blueberries

Cheese Cake
5 euro

with strawberry coulis

Special Suggestions

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